Julia Purdy

I am a practicing consulting astrologer and author of the book, The Jupiter Advantage.

I am also an owner-partner of the publishing company, Right Times Research, LLC, a contract project manager for Alexandria iBase Project, and board member and past president of the Aquarian Organization of Astrologers in Kansas City, (AOA-KC).

Astrology found me back (way back) in my early college days when I picked up an out-of-print copy of Heaven Knows What in a used book store. It was a  simple “how to cast and read a chart” astrology book by Grant Lewi. That dates me, I know, but with age comes wisdom. Right?

And from there I started collecting books and taking classes from local teachers. It was a spare time curiosity that my family, to this day, doesn’t really understand. Nor, did I, actually. I just knew it was fascinating.

The potential for taking it more seriously came with my second Saturn return. I discovered Kepler College in Seattle Washington. The school was an experiment in offering a liberal arts degree in the study of astrology in philosophy, history, and culture. I was so “in”. I signed up for their M.A. program and down the rabbit hole, I gleefully went.

In my own horoscope chart, with Jupiter in Pisces in the ninth house, favorably connecting to Mercury, Uranus, and the nodes, I am attracted to all things aesthetic and philosophical. It is my destiny to continue on a learning path and to teach and share.

I am based in Kansas City, but with technology, consulting via video call is the new normal. If you are interested in a personal consult, check out the practical stuff on the “Services” page.

What I Am Working On

I am currently constructing a curriculum for a level 1 introductory astrology course. How and when it will be offered is still undecided. But if you are interested, add your email to my contact list and I will keep you posted. It will be about 16 classes every other week. The cost will depend on the level of interest and number of students. But my intent is to keep it as cheap as possible. More information will be posted on the “Astrology Tuesdays” page as I figure it out.

Right Times Research, (RTR) has a new app in the pipeline. It is still in development and the release date hasn’t been determined for sure. But if you like to go fishing, this app will be for you. Add your email to the contact list, and I will notify you when it’s published.