Astrology Tuesday Classes

NOTE: I am pushing the start date back for these classes. I am still working on the final edits for my book, The Jupiter Advantage. There are 1200 citations that have to be documented. I am working like crazy to get it done. I am halfway there. Another month and it will be off my plate and I will be able to fully focus on making these the very best classes for the best price. For those who are already signed up and waiting for the start. Hang on another month, please? For anyone else interested, there are still some spaces available. Send me a note and I will put you on the list.

ALSO: The Aquarian Organization of Astrologers KC offers a set of four free introductory classes at the Plaza Library starting in April. Astrology Tuesdays is a separate offering hosted by If you live in the Kansas City area and are new to astrology, these AOA sponsored classes are a great place to begin. There will be more information on the AOA website:

Astrology Tuesday classes will start on March 31, 2020.

The first Astrology Tuesday class will be on March 31 at 7-8 pm. This first class will be free to all. I will go over some preliminary information, a little history of astrology, and the class curriculum and bibliography. We will test the technology to ensure that it works for everyone.

The presentation tool is Zoom and you can use your phone, although the charts will be rather small and not the easiest to see. A PC or tablet is a better option. And a robust enough internet connection that the computer audio works. There is a phone dial in function. We can test that if necessary.

Send me a message via the contact form below indicating that you would like to receive the Zoom meeting link for the first free class. INCLUDE YOUR BIRTH DATE, BIRTH TIME, AND BIRTH LOCATION. So can set up the charts in advance of the class.

We will use student charts as examples, but I will take the names off of them, just to keep it interesting. We will also use public personalities where it’s useful.

The first module will be April 7-28. Module two is May 2-26. Module 3 is June 2-23 with June 30 as a review. Each module of four classes is $60.

The classes will be one and a half to two hours. I will discuss the format of the classes the materials, the bibliography, and the recordings at the first free class.

Each module will be 4 weeks long. Every 5th Tuesday of the year will be a review session.