Fall Solstice Missives From Jupiter News, Issue 2

Summer is over and fall is upon us.Happy Solstice!

I skipped the summer solstice missives. Honestly, in June, the news of the day and the messaging from Mars in aggressive combative Aries square Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto in Capricorn was so unsettling I didn’t see any reason to hammer on it anymore. We are already shell shocked. We need some good news and I couldn’t really come up with any at the time. I tend to be a smart-ass and there really wasn’t anything funny about it.

Now that we have the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction at 0 degrees Aquarius coming into view on the next solstice (winter-December 21) I have some things to share that may help us get through what’s left of 2020. Looking forward is really the only way see our way through what’s happening today.

I want to start by citing a reference from a talk by Wendy Stacey at a recent ISAR conference. She offered a brilliant observation that frames this conversation so well that I am going to share some of her thoughts and credit her.

First, 2020 kicked off the year on January 12 with the Pluto/Saturn conjunction at 22 Capricorn. The symbolism of Saturn and Pluto together is enforced restriction. And this one wrapped its constricting tentacles around the necks of Mercury and the Sun also at 22 degrees Capricorn on that day. It was a fearsome foursome. The Result?


Mercury rules the lungs and George Floyd became the unfortunate spokesperson for this unfortunate season. And as Wendy pointed out, it’s not just our lungs, it’s the earth’s lungs. Not only are people being consumed by a respiratory pandemic that has killed over 200,000 of us so far in the US, but wildfires are racing destructively through the western states feeding on the dry winds and scorching the earth. Plus we have already run through this year’s alphabet of named hurricanes.

So, OK, enough, right? Now to the forward-looking part.

Mars in Aries is currently moving backwards in a retrograde pattern. It will trigger this nasty 22 degree marker exactly on October 9. October is about Libra. And Libra opposes Aries. So it will be a contentious month. On December 18 it will trigger again. But after that on December 21st we have Saturn and Jupiter together at zero degrees Aquarius opening the door in the air sign of Aquarius.

I am not saying there are suddenly rainbows and lollipops. But it is a shift. A big one. Mars will be making its last square to Pluto at the same time, so the lurch into the future may be a bit bumpy but it’s happening. You can count on it.

Jupiter in Aquarius brings innovation. Technology, ideas, social change. Aquarius is a fixed sign and Saturn will be the organizing principle, so things start off slowly. But it will be forward-looking and change will be radical. That’s the Aquarius way. It suggests first, a vaccine. That’s the easy one. But it’s bigger than that. This is a 200-year cycle and in the next decade we may be riding around in solar powered air cars. Who knows? I think climate change will become a driving force for much new technological advancement. Aquarius rules equality. The signs of a democratic resurgence around the world may begin to pop up. Perhaps the idea of a guaranteed income will make more sense in a world where production is driven by technology and robots do most of the work. Media and the technology behind it is up for some radical adjustments.

According to Wendy Stacy the transit line of the conjunction reflected on the earth’s surface connects the US with China in a push-me/pull-you sort of way. The ongoing tug of war will play out in the world of technology.

So, my advice to you is hang in, wear your mask and keep yourself safe. This will pass and the future looks way more interesting. You will want to be around to watch it unfold.

And in the United States, make sure you vote. Plan your vote. Go early or mail early. Make sure it counts.