Saturn and Jupiter: Father and Son, The Clash of the Titans on the Solstice

The clash of the Titans is being replayed in real time and we are seeing it in action now.


Saturn Pluto and the Coronavirus

HAPPY SPRING SOLSTICE! The world is in the throes of CoVid 19, the new strain of coronavirus. That’s not news. I hope you are sheltering at home if you can and protecting yourself.  Astrologer’s have been tracking and discussing the Saturn Pluto conjunction for a long time. The conjunction was exact on January 13 and right on time,


Greta Thunberg

Cardinal earth sign, Capricorn is goal oriented. They are ambitious, focused, and strategic. Leo is charismatic, confident, and seeks the limelight. Jupiter-in-Leo puts Sun-in-Capricorn on display. The question is for what.