Saturn Pluto and the Coronavirus


The world is in the throes of CoVid 19, the new strain of coronavirus. That’s not news. I hope you are sheltering at home if you can and protecting yourself. 

Astrologer’s have been tracking and discussing the Saturn Pluto conjunction for a long time. The conjunction was exact on January 13 and right on time, the virus presented itself to humans in China and quickly spread. I am not sure even the most prescient astrologer predicted the scale of that event. On the plus side Saturn and Pluto will meet only one time. Saturn’s retrograde motion will not reverse far enough to again touch Pluto. And certainly once was enough.

The symbolism for Saturn / Pluto is “enforced restriction” and in the sign of Capricorn governments and big business are involved and the question of the hour is whether there are enough institutional resources available to manage the crisis. As well, one of the residual effects of Saturn and Pluto mixing it up is that there is the potential for many people to leave the planet. So having this event bounded in only one pass is a really good thing. But there are two other planets in play this year as an aggravating factor. Mars and Jupiter. 

The summer will bring occasional respite but as Jupiter move into position replacing Saturn as Pluto’s partner in crime, Its expansive influence often indicates debt. Big debt. Burdensome debt. On a somewhat more amusing note (said me, the Capricorn) Pluto rules the excretory system. The bowels. And in the US we are certainly having an enforced restriction experience with toilet paper. I just read that someone hijacked a truck full of it. It’s extra weird because there is no shortage. No one has stopped making it. Jupiter will no doubt fix the problem with over-production and there will be a lot of sales in about a month. 

And we are not out of the woods. This year will also showcase a Mars retrograde cycle in Aries. Aries is square Capricorn and Mars dances in harsh angles with Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter starting at the end of June and continuing through the end of the this year. 

There are some key dates to watch. March 31 will be dramatic. Planetary lineups are explosive. There are several additional dates throughout the second half of the year while Mars is in Aries for six full months and repeatedly challenges Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter.

This year will be tough on everyone. But we will get through this and 2021 can be a phoenix from the ashes. A rebel yell and a chance to start fresh. Jupiter and Saturn will work together in Aquarius to reject what went before and create something new.The old guard will be gone. Technology and innovation will drive a structural revolution.

On a more exciting note:

My book The Jupiter Advantage with its 1,300 citation is off to the editor and will be in print this summer. More to come on that. AND Astrology Tuesday classes are kicking off on March 31. The first one is free. So check it out on my website What else do you have to do right now? Let’s get together and learn some astrology.