Greta Thunberg

Cardinal earth sign, Capricorn is goal oriented. They are ambitious, focused, and strategic. Leo is charismatic, confident, and seeks the limelight. Jupiter-in-Leo puts Sun-in-Capricorn on display. The question is for what.

I have been closely following the amazing teen climate activist, Greta Thunberg, since she first came to international attention.

I looked up her date of birth, January 3, and of course I am intrigued, as we share a birthday. The enormous difference, of course, is that my Jupiter sign is in watery imaginative Pisces, and hers is in fiery dramatic Leo.

My book, The Jupiter Advantage, will publish in early 2020 and below is an excerpt. Sun-in-Capricorn/Jupiter-in-Leo. It is Ms. Thurnberg’s signature. I am thinking of updating it to include her. As a 16-year-old Nobel Prize nominee, she is certainly worthy of a mention.

Sun-in-Capricorn with Jupiter-in-Leo

Sun-in-Capricorn with Jupiter-in-Leo is the business behind the show.

Cardinal earth sign, Capricorn is goal oriented. They are ambitious, focused, and strategic. Leo is charismatic, confident, and seeks the limelight. Jupiter-in-Leo puts Sun-in-Capricorn on display. The question is for what?

Solar Capricorns are not as easily identified as some of the other signs. They don’t wear their archetype on their sleeve. They are practical pragmatic opportunists. They find what they can use and make the most of it.

Capricorn is ruled by “get real” Saturn. They see it and they call it. It’s pretty hard to BS a Capricorn.

The funny thing about Sun-in-Capricorn/Jupiter-in-Leo natives is that they are funny. Capricorn has a very “tongue-in-cheek” and often sarcastic wit. Dramatist Leo seems to really bring it out. Capricorn is also a natural at politics and Jupiter in Leo can provide a stage.

“It’s all been satirized for your protection.”

Stand-up comedian and social commentator, Bill Maher (b. 1956) honed his comedic brand with sarcasm. His HBO talk show is aptly named, “Real Time”. Maher has said in interviews that he views himself as the ultimate truth teller. That statement might be considered by many as a bit self-aggrandizing, but it’s certainly Jupiter-in-Leo’s gift of self-confidence in action.

Harry Shearer (b. 1943), comedian, voice actor and writer, probably best known for his work on The Simpsons and Saturday Night Live, is also responsible for satirical political songs and impersonations, comedy-drama film work, and documentaries. His online bio says he attended UCLA as a political science major, where he edited and wrote for the school humor magazine. Most of his career ventures seems to start with politics and end up with humor.

Singer songwriter, John Denver (b. 1943), was very active politically and well-known for his support of ecologic and environmental interests. He also had a great sense of humor. Check out his golf parody, “18 Holes” modeled after the Tennessee Ernie Ford song, 16 Tons”

Ethel Merman (b. 1908), the undisputed First Lady of musical comedy in the 1930s, had a belting voice and an outsize personality. She was also notorious for her love of vulgar jokes. The New York Times called her “a symbol of the Broadway of her era, with her New York speech, gaudy jewelry, flamboyant, gum-chewing manner. Supremely self-confident, immune to opening- night jitters, she was in awe of no one in show business.”

“When I do a show,” she said, ”not to pat myself on the back, but when I do a show, the whole show revolves around me. And if I don’t show up, they can just forget it.”

Having lots of confidence can be a sustaining influence for patient Capricorn. Charles Goodyear (b. 1800) devoted his life to experimenting and developing vulcanized rubber. He tried and failed many times, spending several years in debtors’ prison.  He took that as a gift. Sort of his “me time” to continue his experiments.

“My anticipation of my ultimate success never changed, nor were my hopes for moment depressed.”

Notable for the Capricorn side of the equation, his vision was to develop something that was useful.

Of course, Leo also rules gold, and Capricorn is all about business so there are some notable business names in this category.

Stock investor, Peter Lynch (b. 1944) is responsible for Fidelity Magellan’s most successful mutual funds. He has also written several books on how to invest successfully. And showing off Jupiter-in-Leo in its best light, he now spends his days giving his money away.

Capricorns are skilled at leaving difficult pasts behind and recreating themselves with forward-looking profiles.  Whatever step on the social ladder they were born into, they will end up several rungs higher. What is unique about adding Jupiter-in-Leo to the mix is the manner in which they are able to leverage public exposure to their advantage.

Marjoe Gortner (b. 1944), was born into a family of tent revivalists and put to work preaching at the age of 4. He turned on that experience and became a celebrity when he starred in a behind-the-scenes Academy Award winning documentary about the lucrative business of Pentecostal preaching.

For you, Sun-in-Capricorn/Jupiter-in-Leo, if you aren’t funny on a stage somewhere, well you are probably quite the jokester in your private life. Even as you go about the serious business of being a serious Capricorn, as Shakespeare would say “Brevity is the soul of wit.” The world is mad and you just can’t help but remark on it.